Notice issued by Department of Industry for the implementation of Industry Management Information System (“IMIS”)

The notice has been published by Department of Industry (“DOI”) dated 2079/03/14 (28th June 2022) for providing online services  through the implementation of the Industry Management Information System (“IMIS”) commencing from 2079/03/15 (29th June 2022). The notice provides that the DOI will provide online services relating to (a) Industry Registration, (b) Foreign Investment Approval, (c) Grant on Exports, (d) Visa Approval, (e) Recommendation for Repatriation, (f) Recommendation on Business Visa/ Work Visa and all other services of DOI.

In addition to that for the use of software the notice referred to the User Manual published on the website The notice provided following contact details of Help Desk for additional assistance; 01-5361112, 01-5359855.



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