As the economies get increasingly open, liberal and market-oriented, competition between market players is inevitable. With enterprises getting increasingly profit-oriented, it is important to regulate unfair competition and enhance the capacity of producers and distributors. With this in mind the Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act, 2063 (2007) was enacted in 2007. In addition to the local laws, Nepal is also signatory to various treaties and conventions under which Nepal is under an obligation to prevent unfair competition.

The Competition law practice at Pioneer Law includes- (a) assisting on innovative structures for transactions in order to mitigate the risks under Competition Law, (b) review of transaction documents, including joint venture agreements, distributor agreements and franchise arrangements, to ensure compliance with the Competition Law, (c) regulatory advice on implications under the Competition Law, and (d) assisting clients in their legal action against the anti-competitive activities of other entities.

Pioneer Law has also advised both local and foreign clients operating in a wide variety of sectors, including food and manufacturing, banking and insurance, information and technology on issues relating to Competition Law.

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