Education is mainly divided into two distinct sectors- formal and informal. Within the formal and informal sectors there are various sub- divisions. Different vehicles are available to run academic institutions in Nepal with substantial difference in terms of ownership, right, role and responsibilities. This sector by its nature is tightly regulated and requires many government formalities in the operational matters.

Pioneer Law provides complete services to our clients from educational sector. Pioneer Law provides a whole range of services in this sector from licensing to investment, taxation to employment, and ownership to day to day operations. Pioneer Law assists both the local and international schools established in Nepal on their day to day operational issues. Pioneer Law also provides restructuring advice and guidance to the foreign schools established in Nepal covering all the relevant laws including education laws, laws applicable to the different business vehicles, employment laws, immigration laws to name few.

Pioneer Law also provides local law advice to various academic institutions from abroad on their activities related to our jurisdiction. A team of lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience at Pioneer Law provide services in this sector.

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