Gazette Notice for Waiver of Fees

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has issued a gazette notification on September 25, 2023, invoking Section 18(1) of the Finance Act, 2080 aligning with the provisions of the budget speech for Fiscal Year 2080/81 granting temporary waiver to investors for registration and capital restructuring. 

Previously, the Office of the Companies Registrar imposed certain fees based on a company’s authorized capital, its nature, investment amount. However, the newly published notification effectively waives these charges for the entirety of Fiscal Year 2080/81. 

The key highlights of the notice are as follows: 

(a) The fee for incorporating private and public companies has been waived. 

(b) Companies seeking to increase their authorized capital will also benefit from the fee waiver. 

(c) Companies looking to expand by issuing new shares will be exempt from fees. 

(d) Companies opting to consolidate or divide their share capital will not incur charges. 

(e) Foreign companies registering branch or liaison offices in Nepal will also be granted fee exemptions. 

(f) Fee for incorporation of profit-not-distributing companies has been waived. 

It is important to note that this fee waiver is applicable exclusively for Fiscal Year 2080/81 and will not extend to subsequent fiscal years. Therefore, any company seeking incorporation must take advantage of this opportunity within the fiscal year 2080/81. 



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