Nepal, one of the least developed countries, has been giving topmost priority to the development of energy and infrastructure sector. Nepal has been allocating its financial resources to the development of major energy and infrastructure projects defined as national priority projects which range from development of the storage hydropower projects to fast track roads.

Nepal has also amended and introduced quite a number of regulations over the last few years with an objective of facilitating public private partnership and encouraging private sector investment, both foreign and local, in the energy and infrastructure sector. Nepal has also established Investment Board, a high level board chaired by the Prime Minister to grant investment approval for mega energy and infrastructure projects, and facilitate the development and operation of such projects.

Pioneer Law has an extensive working knowledge and experience in the energy and infrastructure sector. Our services in this area of laws primarily include: (a) conducting of due diligence of the project, (b) advising on the regulatory and legal aspects of the project acquisition, development and operation, and (c) drafting and reviewing of the concession agreements, and (d) assisting the clients to negotiate with the contracting authorities.

Pioneer Law advised the consortium of the international lenders in the first two hydropower projects of Nepal in the mid-nineties and since then has rigorously advised investors and developers from diverse foreign countries and foreign multilateral agencies on their investments in the energy and infrastructure sector. In addition to this, Pioneer Law has also been engaged in legal reform relating to the energy and infrastructure sector, including review of the concession agreements.

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