In the context of Nepal, this branch of law is unique and has some sui generic features. The trade unions are strong and influential in the employment affairs. Further, the courts and employment regulators are more conservative when it comes to labor related issues and tend to take socialist approach and rule in favour of the employees.

In the employment affairs drafting employment rules, policies and contracts, the process of hiring and firing and grievance handling are some of the crucial areas. Special attention is required in hiring and firing of the employees in order to comply with the local laws and procedures. Balance between the law and the local employment practice is also desirable in drafting the employment rules, policies, employment contracts, in order to maintain smooth employment relationship. Experience hands are required to properly guide on the employment related disputes including the process of collective bargaining. Pioneer Law has a dedicated team with vast knowledge and experience to provide these very services.

Pioneer Law provides service in every aspect of employment related affairs. Pioneer Law regularly assists the clients in the drafting of employment rules, policies and contracts. Our clients come from different sectors including manufacturing and service industries, Not-for-Profit and development organizations, foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations from the United States of America, Mexico, India and various European countries.

Pioneer Law also has extensive experience in guiding our clients on the matters related to grievance handling, disciplinary action, issues with the trade unions, collective bargaining, structuring of the benefit packages, etc. Pioneer Law conducts labor audit and due diligence in labor related matters as part of corporate due diligence. Pioneer Law acts as a defense counsel on the labor matters before all level of courts and quasi-judicial and administrative authorities. Some of the cases represented by Pioneer Law on labor matters are treated as landmark decisions in this branch of law. Pioneer Law also provides the guidance to the clients in structuring the process of settlement with employees in case of liquidation / exit and conversion of business.

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