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Bharat Raj Upreti Memorial Foundation (the “BRU Foundation”) was founded as a “company not distributing profit” under the Companies Act, 2063 (2006) in 2015 in the loving memory of late Mr. Bharat Raj Upreti, founding member of Pioneer Law, senior advocate and ex-justice of Supreme Court of Nepal. Late Upreti is remembered for his excellent practice in commercial laws in Nepal. It was Mr. Bharat Raj Upreti who took Pioneer Law to its present height and recognition.

BRU Foundation aims to play an instrumental role in the field of – (1) legal profession, (2) legal education, and (3) independence of Nepalese judiciary, through research, publication, capacity building, policy dialogue and reform intervention.

Pioneer Law was the dream of late Upreti and hence, Pioneer Law draws inspiration and shares his dream. As an institution, Pioneer Law is committed to partner and co-operate with the BRU Foundation to materialize the dream of late Upreti and achieve the shared aims.

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