Expedient, cost and time efficient dispute resolution is a must for preservation of business relations in the corporate world. Businesses are exposed to increasing number of disputes in Nepal due to rise in the business activities and formulation of the increasing number of regulations.

The existing regulations provide for a wide array of dispute resolution mechanisms and procedures ranging from court litigations to alternative dispute resolutions. Many of the court procedures have local roots and therefore, are unique in their applications. Further, the existing regulations also limit the choice of law and dispute resolution mechanisms for certain specified business relations.

A thorough knowledge of laws and procedures accompanied by institutional experience of significant number of years is what Pioneer Law’s dispute resolution services is recognized for. Pioneer Law provides full spectrum of the dispute resolution services which includes-(a) drafting of the litigation related documents, (b) representation of the clients before the judicial, quasi-judicial bodies and tribunals, (c) transaction advisory, and (d) arbitration.

Pioneer Law have represented both domestic and foreign clients including multilateral agencies in disputes relating to diverse laws ranging from foreign investment disputes, inter-shareholders disputes, tax disputes to intellectual property law disputes, before the different tiers of courts and tribunals.  Pioneer Law has also advised a significant number of clients on the choice of law and dispute resolution mechanisms and forums in relation to transactional documents such as joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements, concession agreements and commercial agreements. Pioneer Law has also represented governmental agencies and private sector agencies before arbitration tribunal.

Pioneer Law has a separate dispute resolution department equipped with qualified and experienced lawyers.

Please email us at info@pioneerlaw.com for more information on our work related to Dispute Resolution.

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