The combination of Nepal currently being in transition due to the on-going constitutional promulgation process, and the slack implementation of anti-corruption laws, have resulted in Nepal falling within high risk category for corruption. The Corruption Perception Index 2014 published by Transparency International ranks Nepal at 126. Given the requirement of local compliance of legislation like the UK Bribery Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, having a robust anti-corruption policy is all the more important for those operating in Nepal or considering to operate in Nepal.

Our work in this area of practice has focused on providing guidance for compliance with anti-bribery laws of Nepal. Pioneer Law has also helped our clients in preparing and implementing anti-bribery and good housekeeping policies and guidelines in their organization. Pioneer Law has also trained compliance officers, in-house legal departments on strategies for effective implementation and preparation of protocol in dealing with government officials.

Given our vast experience in dealing with licensing, obtaining permits, award of concessions, government procurement process, Pioneer Law has an extensive knowledge in conducting anti-corruption due diligence for clients that are considering acquiring business in Nepal or participating in government projects in Nepal.

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