Given that the financial sector is the backbone of any economy, this sector is highly regulated in Nepal. While the Nepal Rastra Bank regulates banks and financial institutions, the insurance businesses are regulated by the Insurance Board of Nepal. These regulators regularly publish directives and circulars that are often influenced by the political, social and economic factors. Given the vast range of laws and regulation that the financial sector is required to be compliant with, operating in this sector requires finest legal backing.

With our knowledge and understanding of regulatory issues and expectations of the financial sector regulators, Pioneer Law is equipped to meet client requirements and provide legal services that are consistent and reliable. Our services in this practice area include- (a) structuring of transactions, (b) drafting and review of term sheets and transactional documents, (c) advising on the regulatory framework and related issues, (d) issuing legal opinions and memos on various issues relating to the financial sector, (e) advising insurance companies operating in both life and non-life insurance sectors, on variety of issues.

Pioneer Law has represented client on high profile and complex transactions involving syndicated lending, debt restructuring and re-ļ¬nancing, reinsurance, derivative transactions, and corporate debt, including syndicated loans, secured and unsecured loans, revolving credits, guarantee facilities and other forms of security. Pioneer Law works closely with foreign law firms as well as directly with the foreign banks and insurance companies, in advising them on their merchant and investment banking, and insurance businesses in Nepal. Pioneer Law also assists the foreign multinational banks on issues related to cross border promotion of the financial products.

Pioneer Law has been actively involved in legal and regulatory reforms in the financial sectors. Pioneer Law has assisted various clients including the regulators in reviewing the proposed new draft laws of the Bank and Financial Institution Act and Insurance Act and corporate governance circulars. Pioneer Law has also assisted a multilateral development agency in its attempt in modernizing the insolvency law, and been part of the development of regulation for the establishment of the infrastructure development bank, and secured transaction registry.

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