Tourism and hospitality are the key sources of foreign currency revenue of Nepal and the Government of Nepal has been giving more attention to the development of the tourism and hospitality sector.

On the tourism and hospitality front, Pioneer Law provides following services: (a) advice on the establishment of the hotels and resorts, travel and trekking agencies, (b) conducting of the legal due diligence and title search of the project assets, (c) advisory on the legal and regulatory framework, (d) investment and divestment in and from the hotel and hospitality assets, (e) drafting and review of the licensing/franchising agreements between the foreign service provided and local service recipient, and (f) obtaining governmental approvals.

Pioneer Law has advised the clients in the establishment and operation of the star rated hotels and tourists resorts. Pioneer Law has also been regularly advising the hotels, travel and trekking agencies on their routine operational matters. Pioneer Law has also advised popular international brands and hotel chains in reviewing and advising on technology transfer (managing/marketing/franchising/trademark licensing) agreements.

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