Real estate is the prime assets in local market. Real property is only the reliable and widely accepted collateral in financial service. The business community needs to deal with the real property in some way or another in their business endeavor. The trend of development of apartments and housings by real estate developers is also rising in the fast growing urban cities.The local legislation dealing with real assets are very old and have been heavily based on socio-economic structure predominant at the time of their enactment and therefore have unique features and characters. The law governing the real estate business is new one and many issues are coming up with the implementation of these new laws.

Due to the distinct nature of the local laws on real property, business always have difficulty in finding out the risk associated with real estate and accordingly take appropriate measures to mitigate such risks.

At Pioneer Law, a complete solution on the real estate related issues can be found from trained and experienced attorneys. Pioneer Law provides extensive service on real estate from title search, determination of contingent risk to the overall due diligence in the real assets.  Pioneer Law also provides complete advice on the matters related to real estate deals, mortgage of real assets, leasing arrangements, real estate tax etc.

Pioneer Law has good working experience on the transactions for sale and purchase of real property and structuring of such transactions. Pioneer Law has thoroughly assisted local companies undertaking various business activities such as manufacturing, services, information technology and even to diplomatic missions in their real estate deals right from the beginning of the deal (including drafting notices, bid documents, drafting sale and purchase agreements, and review of documents) to the transfer of title and post title transfer activities.Pioneer Law advises and assists the developers of apartment and housing on their day to day business related matters, including, drafting contracts, advice on ownership, and transfer of title, formation and operation of society and resolving of disputes between the developers and the users.

Pioneer Law also represents the clients in the different courts on real estate matters.

Pioneer Law has dedicated team with expertise and, experience in the local real estate laws and issues, to provide complete service to the clients in this area of practice.

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