Research Work on Climate Litigation in Nepal

International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL), an international non-government organization that focuses on data gathering / analysis, research, field project, advocacy and education in disciplines and areas relating to the conservation of nature and sustainable use of
natural resources, is assisting IUCN with its research and development of a guide on climate litigation for judges to use in navigating the various complex issues that frequently arise in climate change-related litigation. IUCN intends to make the document publicly available,
including on the internet for download, and to disseminate it widely among the target audiences, including national bar associations and judiciaries, in addition to climate law networks. For preparing such a guide, ICEL retained Baker McKenzie on a pro bono basis, to assist it by undertaking case law research on the status of climate litigation in various jurisdictions throughout the world and producing summaries / spreadsheets that contain an exhaustive account for existing climate litigation brought to date. As a part of this assignment Baker McKenzie had requested Pioneer to assist to conduct research of case laws on the climate litigation in Nepal.

Our Client:

Baker McKenzie (International Law Firm). Baker McKenzie will share our findings to ICEL. Th ICEL will then provide this case law research to IUCN as a basis for developing the guide for judges.

Our Task:

The tasks assigned to us on a pro bono basis involves two components.

  1. The first component of the task would involve conducting case law research on climate litigation that has occurred in the jurisdiction of Nepal and producing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that summarises the key details associated with each climate change case that is recorded in the spreadsheet.
  2. The second component of the task would be to produce detailed case summaries for any cases which the Client considers, based on the summary provided of that case in the Excel spreadsheet produced in the first component of the task, to warrant further reporting.

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