Legal memo on FDI laws in Nepal

One of the representatives/members of the JCCN had learned that the Department of Industry made an announcement regarding significant changes in the FDI laws in Nepal, especially about modality of the investment fund transferring (payment to the capital). The JCCN wanted to send newsletter to their members including content about changes in FDI legislation and rules of Nepal, and before dispatching such newsletter the JCCN contacted us to acquire information relating to changes in new FDI laws and the differences between past and present FDI regime of Nepal.

Client :

Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Nepal (JCCN)

Our Task :

We provided the JCCN with a Legal Brief on Changes in FDI Laws which encompassed details on present laws and government authorities of Nepal that regulate FDI and also included a comparative chart on major changes between former and current legal provisions governing FDI in Nepal.


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