Agreement Drafting in relation to Grant/Donation for Building School

Some friends of a Lithuanian lawyer Denas Grybauskas were volunteering in Nepal in a school located in Kathmandu. After his friends like the whole experience, children and their families as well, they organized a huge fundraising campaign in Lithuania in order to collect donation from the Lithuanian people in order to reconstruct and better the living environment in the school and hostel for children. Denas' friends helped in buying materials for the reconstruction and renovation for the said school and its hostel. Denas’ friends reached out to him to draft and agreement for the in order to secure that the school would not raise prices and fees for the Nepali children for at some time at least. Since Denas was unsure as to whether or not the contract he drafted would be enforceable as per Nepalese law, he approached Pioneer Law Associates to draft the contract for his friends.

Our Client:
Denas and his friends.

Our Task:
Our task included drafting a contract for Denas' friends, primarily securing their interest that the school does not increase the fee amount after the renovation of its building and hostel.

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