About Us


Pioneer Law Associates was founded in 1982 by four lawyers recognized for professional specialization in their respective practice areas, and with a vision to create an institutional setup to provide expert legal services in the areas of commercial, civil, and criminal laws. Since the concept of institutional legal practice with specialization in multiple practice areas was a new one at that time, Pioneer Law pioneered a new trend and hence the name “Pioneer”. Since then Pioneer Law has evolved as a full-service law firm and is recognized as a leading commercial law firm in Nepal. Pioneer Law continues to be a pioneer as a full-service law firm with highly regarded specialization in commercial laws.                           

­­­­­­We, at Pioneer Law, cover a wide array of practice areas ranging from Foreign Investment and Business Incorporation to Project Finance. Our services extend to a a large spectrum of sectors ranging from industrial projects to the financial sector. Legal reform projects have always been a subject matter of keen interest of Pioneer Law and Pioneer Law takes great pride in being part of some of the most notable commercial law reform projects. We also strongly believe in knowledge sharing and disseminating our knowledge to the legal fraternity and stakeholders, through academic presentations and publications.                                

Through our understanding of the Nepalese markets, the institutional knowledge that we have acquired over the years, and our solution-oriented approach, we provide diverse sets of legal services to our clients and strive to help them overcome challenges.                               

Responsiveness to clients’ needs, delivery of quality services within the committed timelines, swift communication, and practical approach towards solving clients’ problems, are our guiding principles. We always put the requirements and expectations of our clients first and that has given us a distinct identity in the field of legal practice in Nepal.                             

Pioneer Law has excellent working relations with most of the leading international law firms and has worked with them in a number of transactions and assignments.                                

Pro bono

Pro Bono work restores faith in the legal system by providing access to justice those who have financial and social constrains.

Legal Provisions                            

Article 18 of The Constitution of Nepal, 2015 (B.S. 2072) (the “Constitution”) provides equality before the law and equal protection of law as a fundamental right. Similarly, Article 20 (2) of the Constitution states that any person arrested shall have the right to consult a legal practitioner of his or her choice from the time of arrest and the advice given by the legal practitioner shall remain confidential. Thus, providing access to justice and principles of the Rule of law including supremacy of the law and equality before law are fundamental right, holding the utmost value, enshrined by the Constitution of Nepal.                             

Legal Aid is Nepal is also available through stipendiary lawyers in the Supreme Court, High Court and District by virtue of Rule 13 of Supreme Court Regulation, 2017 (B.S. 2074), Rule 157 of  High Court Regulation, 2016 (B.S.2073) and Rule 101 of the  District Court Regulation, 2018 (B.S. 2075),Rule 101 respectively.                              

The Legal Aid Act, 1997 (B.S. 2054) (the “Legal Aid Act”) was enacted with the purpose of the enforcing the right to access justice. According the Legal Aid Act only a person with below Nepalese Rupees Rs. 40,000/- (Amount in words Nepalese Rupees forty thousand only) annually is eligible for legal aid. Under the Legal Aid Act, Legal Aid Fund was established which includes money received from the Government, individual’s, association, institution or other sources as grants. In Practice, legal aid is still at a nascent stage in Nepal. According to the Legal Aid Act, there should be District Legal Aid Committee in each district however, in practice that is not the cas1e. Similarly, if the concerned person receives economic gain after availing for Legal Aid then he/she is supposed to reimburse the expenses to the concerned committee but there is no clarity on the procedure for determination of the reimbursement amount.


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