Office of the Companies Registrar Launches Separate Desk for Registration of Company with Foreign Investment


The Office of the Company Registrar (OCR) has announced the establishment of a separate desk for providing registration services to companies with foreign investment. According to a notice published on 7th March 2023 (2079/11/23 B.S.), the OCR aims to expedite the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) process and bring positive reforms in foreign investment by offering consistent and prompt registration services to such companies. The OCR has outlined specific procedures that must be followed by companies with foreign investment, branch office and contact office of the foreign company to acquire the mentioned services. This service has been introduced by the OCR to expedite the subsequent process that follows the completion of the procedures outlined in the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act, 2019 (2075) and Public Private Partnership and Investment Act, 2019 (2075).

The respective company must provide company details by selecting the FDI company (including branch or contact office) option in the menu according to the company’s online portal of OCR. A service has also been included where the desk shall create a separate list of applications and promptly work on the given list and notify.

The desk located on the first floor of OCR will also aid with the initial registration procedure of branch and contact/liaison office of the foreign company. However, Post-Registration Services will be provided in accordance with OCR’s standard procedure.

To expedite the registration process, the desk will approve the proposed requested name of the company by adopting the short route. Once the company submits its Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, the desk will act as a facilitator in the registration process. Moreover, the OCR has stated that it will complete the company’s registration procedure with foreign investment, branch, and contact/liaison office within 10 working days.

This initiative has been launched to facilitate the FDI procedure. The OCR hopes that this new desk will provide a positive impact on the foreign investment sector in Nepal.

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