Notice Published by Department of Industries on Industry Operation Extension

The notice has been published by the Department of Industry (“DOI”), Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Supplies (“MOICS”) dated 2079/2/31 (14th of June, 2022) regarding extension of commercial operation of industries in reference to 235th meeting of Industrial and Investment Promotion Board (“IIPB”) held on 2079/2/23 (6th of June 2022). The notice provides 6 months timeline from the date of issuance of the notice i.e. within 2079/8/30 (15th of December, 2022) to file an application for industry operation extension at the DOI. As per the notice an application for extension of commercial operation of industries can be made by making payment of delay fees based on the nature and types of industries as provided below,

  1. Micro Industries: NPR 5,000/- per year.
  2. Cottage and Small Industries: NPR 15,000/- per year
  3. Medium Industries: NPR 50,000/- per year
  4. Bid Industries : NPR 100,000/- per year.




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