New Gazette Notice on Lockdown (Lockdown Period as Public Holiday)

1.       Gazette Notice

1.1     The Government of Nepal (“GoN”) has published a gazette notice dated April 27, 2020 (2077/01/15) (“Gazette Notice”) pursuant to Section 2 of the Contagious Disease Act, 2020 (1964).

1.2     The Gazette Notice requires the head of office of all the government offices, entities or industries to treat the leave provided to the worker or employees as per the Order dated March 22, 2020 (2076-12-09) and various other dates thereafter for lockdown period as the public holiday and the worker and employees to be paid all the salary and allowances during such period.

2.       Applicability of the Gazette Notice

2.1     The Gazette Notice does not clarify its scope of application.

2.2     From the overall reading of the Gazette Notice it seems that the Gazette Notice applies only to the government offices, entities or industries. The Gazette Notice may not cover the employees of private sector.

**DISCLAIMER: This document is prepared for general understanding and should not be taken for any legal purpose without consulting legal professionals. ** The copyright of the document is vested with PLA. **

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