Legal Handbook For NRNs

In the several decades of Pioneer Law Associates’ practice, we have come across a multitude of questions regarding the legal aspects on a Non-Resident Nepali’s life. Many Nepalis have gone abroad for new opportunities, while remaining rooted to their heritage. We at Pioneer understand the challenges that are involved in this endeavor, keeping in mind that NRN law is a very diverse area of law, covering family law to investment law.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, the team at Pioneer decided to create a one-stop handy guide for NRNs, and as such we present to you the Legal Handbook for Non-Resident Nepalis. The purpose of this handbook is to serve as an informational guide for the vast and diverse NRN community and our esteemed colleagues. Most legal issues relating to NRNs are very multi-faceted in nature and there is no solution that fits all, so it is important to remember that this handbook serves only as an informational guide. We urge our readers to feel free to use this resource as a starting point for knowledge acquisition and to feel free to share this resource with those whom it may help.

The Handbook has been updated till December 2022, incorporating change in relevant laws.


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