Intellectual Property Handbook

Intellectual capital and its preservation have become increasingly important as economies become more information and technology focused. In accordance with worldwide trends, Nepal has recognized the importance of intellectual property (IP), and there is a growing trend among legislators and the judiciary to provide IP protection and enforce IP rights (IPR). 

For many businesses, IP is the most valuable asset. Businesses may fail to safeguard their IP rights without skilled legal guidance and a defined IP strategy, leaving themselves vulnerable to IP infringement. Without proper IP guidance, business may also lose out on the possible income which can be earned through optimum utilization of IP.  

We at Pioneer understand the need for strategic assistance on all elements of IP law by identifying, protecting, and exploiting intellectual property rights at each stage of the innovation lifecycle. We have thus drafted a comprehensive helpful guide for IP owners in the spirit of information sharing, and as a result, we present to you the Intellectual Property Handbook. 

It is however crucial to note that this handbook is only intended to provide general information. We encourage our readers to utilize this material as a reference point for acquiring knowledge on the present legal regime on IP in Nepal and to share it with those who might benefit from it. 

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