Arbitration Handbook: Nepal

In an effort of knowledge sharing, Pioneer Law Associates has compiled the Arbitration Handbook: Nepal. This Handbook provides a snapshot into the legal regime governing arbitration law in Nepal by simply explaining this model of alternative dispute resolution in the Nepalese context for readers across sectors. The Handbook starts with a conceptual introduction to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and arbitrations in the Nepalese context. Thereafter, the Handbook delivers a quick understanding of the applicable laws. The Handbook gives a brief on arbitration agreements and clauses, and ends with a step by step guide in relation to the process of arbitrations and the role of courts with respect to the same. The Arbitration Group at Pioneer comprises of professionals with international and domestic expertise in the field of arbitration and is proud to present to you this Handbook keeping in line with the firm’s vision of easy access to knowledge for all stakeholders.

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