The BRU Foundation in partnership with Pioneer Law Associates organized the 3rd Bharat Raj Upreti Memorial Foundation Moot Court Competition (Arbitration) and Conference, 2022 from 12th to 13th August 2022. The venue partner for the 1st day of the moot court was National Law College, Lalitpur (NaLC). The moot court saw participation from 6 law schools from across Nepal with teams participating in the preliminary, semi-final and final rounds. The 6 teams were from Bright Vision Law College, Biratnagar (BVLC); Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur (KSL); Kathmandu University School of Law, Dulikhel (KUSL), National Law College, Lalitpur (NaLC); Nepal Law Campus, Kathmandu (NLC); and Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara (PNC). The teams from BVLC, KSL, KUSL, and PNC made it to the semi-final rounds. And the teams from KSL and KUSL competed in the final rounds, with the team from KUSL winning the final rounds. The best speaker award was given to Ms. Anjali Sharma Neupane from KUSL and the best memorial award was given to the team from KSL. 

The moot problem was about issues relating to arbitration arising out of a construction contract (FIDIC contract) in the background a global pandemic. 

The preliminary rounds were judged by Mr. Himesh Kharel, Mr. Shardul Thapa and Mr. Ashankan Malla. The semi-final rounds were judged by Mr. Semanta Dahal, Mr. Prakrit Shrestha, Mr. Shirshak Ghimire, Mr. Avdhesh Pant, Mr. Rastra Bimochan Timalsena and Mrs. Nida Doon Malla. 

The final rounds and the panel for the arbitration conference were graced by Hon’ble Justice Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Nepal, Senior Advocate Satish Krishna Kharel and Advocate Sameer Sharma. The panel discussion was moderated by Advocate Anup Raj Upreti. The discussion was held on the topic of “Role of Judiciary in Arbitrations” with an interactive audience comprising of Hon’ble Justice Manoj Kumar Sharma of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Nepal, various Hon’ble Justices of Hon’ble High Courts across Nepal, and top legal minds across the arbitration sector in Nepal. 

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